Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Welcome to Smoking Meat!

You have questions and we have answers! The Smoking Meat blog takes a BBQ/Smoking Meat question and answers it in a complete and easy to understand way. is the leading bbq/smoking meat website online and with this blog that will contain everything you ever needed to know about the subject.. what more do you need?

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We also have over a hundred tutorials on smoking meat.. here are some fine examples:

How to Smoke Ribs
How to do an All Night Brisket Smoke
How to Smoke a Ham
How to Smoke a Killer Pork Shoulder
Rib Rub Recipes
Smoking Woods
Smoking Supplies & Equipment
How to Smoke Chicken
How to Smoke Turkey
Smoked Meat Loaf to Die for (exceptional!!!)

..and so much more so come on over and experience the art of smoking meat for yourself!

Jeff Phillips